• Registration is a two step-process
  1. Complete the online registration process. Coach of each team must certify the eligibility of contestants.
  2. Registration process:
  3. Registration Date and Payment:(TOPC)
    Date Statement Remarks
    Registration Date and Payment
    TOPC Registration Date
    7/16~8/31 TOPC Registration Date
    (Registration is Free)
    • Register before 8/31 and upload signed participation agreement
    • After Completing step2: TOPC or RC Registration, you can download the Participation Agreement file.
    9/5 TOPC Contest List Announcement
    RC Registration Date and Payment
    • Foreign Team:8/1~10/22
    • Hong Kong and Macau Area:8/1~10/22
    • Mainland Area:8/1~8/31
    8/1~10/22 Taiwan Team Register before 10/22 and upload signed participation agreement
    10/25 Regional Contest(RC) Contest List Announcement  
    10/1~10/22 Registration Fee
    • Taiwan Team:NTD2500
    • Pay Date:10/1~10/22
    • Foreign Team:NTD4600
    • Pay Date:10/1~10/22
    Payment: Credit Card
    • The registration fee does NOT include accommodation and transportation
    • MEW-獲NCPC補助報名費者,請先個別繳報名費,NCPC主辦單位會再匯款。
    1. Registration is complete after online registration and uploading signed participation agreement.
    2. Participation agreement certificates that participants do not cheat on registered data and agree to comply with ICPC Rules. Participation agreement should be confirmed by team coach.
    3. Registration status can be checked out at registration website:registration relative/modify registration form(registration status is shown at top after log in (pending/accepted))(Please confirm your registration status at the registration website before deadline in order to protect your rights)。
    4. At online registration, participants must provide picture ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) and student ID card copies or certificate of enrollment. Picture uploading rules: resolution under 200dpi in jpg format, file size should be under 1MB, daily photos are not accepted.
    5. Note: If you need a formal invitation letter to apply Taiwan Visa, please send us your team name, names of all participants (if needed, National Identification Card IDs as well), and other special needs (such as the date of staying, which will be 11/7-11/13 by default) to official mail. In addition, if any other documents are needed, please also kindly feel free to inform, and we will manage that for you ASAP.
    6. Contact Information: Contact Email: icpc2018@ntu.edu.tw